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16 Aug 2017

Planck Firmware

As mentioned in my previous post I have recently started using a Planck keyboard. The Planck uses Open Source firmware and customizing the firmware...

01 Aug 2017

Planck Build

I have recently become interested in compact keyboards. In particular the Planck. The Planck is unusual in many ways compared to standard 104 key keyboard. In...

08 Jan 2016

Simple Isolated Builds in Docker

I needed a simple, automated way to build a Rust project for deployment to a Debian system. Docker seems to be popular for deploying though I'm...

01 Jan 2016

2015 Reading List Highlights

Here are most of the books I read in 2015.


Seveneves by Neal Stephenson would be my book of the year. Amazing story split over 5000...

24 Oct 2015

Certificate Generation for OpenVPN using CFSSL

In the past when I have needed certificates for OpenVPN I have used easy_rsa. Another option would be to use OpenSSL directly. This time I decided...

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