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10 Jun 2011

Arch Linux net-tools depreciated.

Arch Linux has depreciated the usage of net-tools in /etc/rc.conf in favor of iproute2. The new syntax in /etc/rc.conf makes it simple to setup a single interface though anything complicated is best done through netcfg. I didn't really want to use netcfg for my main workstation as it's network setup never changes and it seemed like overkill. Unfortunately I did need to configure IPv6 related settings and this was no longer easily done in rc.conf. The two items I needed to set were the IPv6 address and the interface MTU. (If I don't set an MTU of 1280-1480 I have trouble with my IPv6 tunnel.)

I decided to remove the IPv6 address setting completely and rely on radvd running on my router. This took care of my workstation's IPv6 address and default route. I really should have done this earlier.

I started patching the /etc/rc.d/network script to take an mtu variable but started to have second thoughts. Most users would not need it and it seemed a shame to complicate the network_up() function. There was a good chance the patch would not be accepted. In the end I just added the line:

ip link set dev eth0 mtu 1280

to /etc/rc.local. This worked fine.

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