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12 Feb 2010

Postfix, reject_rbl_client and Google DNS

Just spent 30 minutes trying to work out why Postfix was not rejecting mail using the DNSBL. I finally found the answer in my postfix-users mailing list archives.

I was using Google Public DNS. simply returns NXDOMAIN for all queries from Google's Public DNS servers. I quickly setup pdns-recursor and the test message was correctly blocked.

I wasn't familiar with pdns-recursor, it was mentioned in the same postfix-users mailing list thread, however it was easy to install and worked out of the box. I was using dnsmasq for resolving local machine names so I will need to fix that at some point. It looks like pdns can do that as well through pdns-server or I might just bite the bullet and install BIND. I did like the ease of configuration of dnsmasq compared to BIND though. Hopefully pdns-server is somewhere in between the two.

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