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03 Dec 2009

Configs and status bars.

Finally have my configs online. Well a few of them at least. Was tossing up between GitHub or my own hosted git repo. Finally decided to go with my own repo to give me maximum control. I also learnt quite a bit about git setting it up.

I have decided to re-engineer my status bars in XMonad. At the moment I use five separate status bars. One is driven from XMonad via a log hook and the rest are driven from a python script I wrote. My plan is to have only four status bars at the top and bottom of my two monitors. XMonad will output via a log hook to a named pipe. The python script will read from the named pipe and combine that data with it's own generated data to drive the status bars. The main benefit of this approach will be that it will be possible to restart either XMonad or the status bars independently of the other. At least that is the plan.

The python script will be a little tricky as it will need to update the status bars every second though it will need to update at least the main status bar showing XMonad's information immediately when it receives a line of input on the named pipe. Fairly sure this will require two threads of execution. Should be interesting.

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