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17 Nov 2009

End of Semester.

Have exams the next two days. Internet Security tomorrow and Knowledge Management the day after. Currently cramming for these and doing little else. Will be glad to get these over with and have a break from study and get some things done that I have been putting off or haven't had time to do:

  • Convert main workstation to lvm.
  • Finish setting up wireless network and VPN for home network.
  • Finish personal combined bookmark and tiny url service I am working on. This should be cool. I managed to find myself a four character domain. I could have used one of the hosted solutions but wanted to use my own to give me full control over the URLs. For example my webmail shortcut is something like Note, this is not my real domain. I'm not sure whether I should make it public or secure it at this stage. Bookmark management will be tags based similar to delicious. I currently use delicious so I may just integrate it with delicious somehow. Not sure at this point.
  • Watch second season of Deadwood on DVD

"Got a problem? Odds against you? Need help? Call - The Equalizer" read the business card of Robert McCall, The Equalizer. I used to enjoy this show back when it was on TV. It was sad to hear the star had passed away. It wasn't until I had seen the news stories that I realised he also appeared in Hot Fuzz!

RIP Edward Woodward.

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