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16 Sep 2009

Telstra separation, Quake 3 and an interesting pdf viewer.

In a move reminiscent of the break up of AT&T; in the 80s the Australian government has legislated to separate Telstra's retail and infrastructure divisions. It remains to be seen what effect this will have on Telstra but it should be interesting.

I have been playing a fair bit of Quake Live (1833 frags) which has made me miss the old days of Quake 3. The id software supplied binaries are 32 bit and the sound doesn't work any more at least on my system. Fortunately I found an open source based Quake 3 distribution called ioquake based on the id software GPL source code release. ioquake3 compiles cleanly in a x86_64 environment and there is a package available for it in the AUR. It is interesting to compare the old levels to the new Quake Live versions. Quite a few had changed but it was difficult to say exactly how.

Lastly in a thread on the Arch Linux forums discussing lightweight pdf viewers bernarcher mentioned apvlv which I hadn't heard of before. It is lightweight and uses vim like keyboard commands. Definitely worth looking into and I intend to check it out fully myself.

PS: RIP Patrick Swayze and Kanye West is a jackass.

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