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24 Aug 2009

Quake Live and Rage (id Tech 5) Linux port unlikely.

The Ubuntu forums are carrying a post containing an email reportedly from John Carmack stating that a Linux port of Rage is unlikely at this point. id software and John Carmack have been very generous to Linux users and the open source community as a whole. Not many companies release the source of their games. Looking at Linux from a business perspective this is hardly surprising.

Thanks to John Carmack, Timothee Besset and the other id developers for doing as much as they have done for Linux and OSS.

On the plus side I gave Quake Live a run today in Firefox 3.5.2 on Arch Linux x86_64 and was impressed with the ease of use and the performance. No problems at all. I have played a lot of Quake III in the past and recognised quite a few of the levels. I can see myself enjoying the odd game of death-match once again.

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