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18 Aug 2009

ZFS easy automated snapshots

I have enabled auto snapshots on my OpenSolaris file server. This was easy due to the already installed SUNWzfs-auto-snapshot package. First step is to enable the required snapshot frequencies:

mike@argon:~# svcadm enable svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:monthly
mike@argon:~# svcadm enable svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:weekly
mike@argon:~# svcadm enable svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:daily

I left the hourly and frequent snapshots disabled:

mike@argon:~$ svcs -a | grep snapshot
disabled       Jul_23   svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:frequent
disabled       Jul_23   svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:hourly
online         21:11:30 svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:monthly
online         21:11:30 svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:weekly
online         21:11:35 svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:daily

Check the snapshots have been created:

mike@argon:~$ zfs list -t snapshot -r tank
NAME                                                     USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
tank@today                                                16K      -    22K  -
tank@zfs-auto-snap:monthly-2009-08-18-21:11                 0      -    22K  -
tank@zfs-auto-snap:weekly-2009-08-18-21:11                  0      -    22K  -
tank@zfs-auto-snap:daily-2009-08-18-21:11                   0      -    22K  -
tank/data@today                                         21.7M      -  65.9G  -
tank/data@zfs-auto-snap:monthly-2009-08-18-21:11            0      -  66.1G  -
tank/data@zfs-auto-snap:weekly-2009-08-18-21:11             0      -  66.1G  -
tank/data@zfs-auto-snap:daily-2009-08-18-21:11              0      -  66.1G  -
tank/multimedia@today                                    394K      -  47.4G  -
tank/multimedia@zfs-auto-snap:monthly-2009-08-18-21:11      0      -  48.5G  -
tank/multimedia@zfs-auto-snap:weekly-2009-08-18-21:11       0      -  48.5G  -
tank/multimedia@zfs-auto-snap:daily-2009-08-18-21:11        0      -  48.5G  -

By default auto-snapshots are enabled on all zpools. I have a zpool named backup1 that I don't want auto snapshots enabled on. They can be disabled by setting the com.sun:auto-snapshot property to false for the zpool:

mike@argon:~# zfs set com.sun:auto-snapshot=false backup1
mike@argon:~$ zfs get com.sun:auto-snapshot backup1
NAME     PROPERTY               VALUE                  SOURCE
backup1  com.sun:auto-snapshot  false                  local

By default all file systems in this zpool will inherit this setting.

Done. Not bad for 5 minutes work. :)

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