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01 Aug 2009

New Mouse

My main mouse died a while ago and in the meantime I have been using an old notebook mouse I had lying around. It doesn't have forward and back buttons which I find useful in Firefox. I decided to replace it today and am now using a Logitech MX1100. This is another great mouse by Logitech. Some of its features are:

  • 8 buttons (including a stealth button) which all work in Arch Linux out of the box. No configuration required.
  • Adjustable sensitivity from 400-1600 dpi via buttons on mouse.
  • Uses two AA batteries though they are connected in parallel so if you can only find one battery it still works.
  • Indent or non indent scroll wheel modes activated by a button in front of the scroll wheel.
  • It's freaking huge! Having used notebook mice for so long I had gotten used to the small size of them but this is a well sized mouse for desktop use.

All in all I am very happy adding this mouse to my Logitech collection. I use a Logitech VX Nano on my laptop and a Logitech VX Revolution at work.

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