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27 Jun 2009

Windows 7 Stickies and iKog

My work machine is currently running Windows 7. One of the features of Windows 7 I have been using is Sticky Notes. I believe there was a similar feature in Windows Vista though I never used it. Sticky Notes are a virtual post-it note that appears on your desktop. You can change the colour of each Sticky Note. I have been using them as todo lists and have been surprised how much they help me to organise my time.

In the past I have organised my daily tasks through a combination of memory and writing notes on the back of whatever piece of paper happens to be on my desk. Suffice to say this is less than ideal. My memory fails me more often the older I get and I often file or throw out items without realising I had written something on the back of them. This is a real pain!

Sticky Notes has been so successful at work that I want something similar for home use on my Linux machine. As I live in the terminal a console solution would suit me best. At the moment I am considering:

The Vim solution would be simple and closest to Sticky Notes though iKog does provide a more structured environment for tracking todo lists. I haven't made up my mind yet and will need to play with iKog more before doing so. It is an interesting program and worth a look if you are looking for a console based todo list manager. It has good documentation and many features such as searching and outputting todo lists to html for printing.

iKog is available in the AUR here.

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